20 Easy DIY Gifts That Don’t Suck


As fun and glam as the holidays are, they’re also tough on our wallets. Besides the fact that we have to invest in gorgeous winter wardrobes to attend all the fabulous parties this time of year, we also have to buy all the gifts. There are, however, affordable ways to give a heartfelt present when you’re on a shoestring during the holiday season. Yup, DIY gifts. And no, we’re not talking about some horribly knitted socks that nobody wants.

Aside from being incredibly simple to complete, handmade gifts are a cool way to show someone how much you actually care, and that you’re so above walking into the mall and grabbing something generic.

We’ve gathered the coolest DIY projects that are seriously easy for you to complete on your own! They’re inexpensive, chic and seriously thoughtful. Click through the slideshow above to check them out!


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