Chris Hemsworth Net Worth


Here’s another big name in Hollywood, Thor… pardon me, Chris Hemsworth, the heartthrob of many women out there. He’s an Australian actor who became famous a few years ago when he first played the role of Thor in the eponymous film.

Since then, women wouldn’t stop talking about him, but that wasn’t his only good role. He took on roles outside of the Marvel universe too, from comedies to dramas. That’s why his net worth today rises to the sum of $60 million.

Crishtopher Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia on August 11, 1983, the second of three brothers who became actors as well. He grew up in Melbourne and went to Heathmont College for high school.

His early life was shared between two passions, acting and surfing. Although the latter seems very interesting, number one was acting and he remained true to it.

After college, Hemsworth got his start in acting by playing some minor roles in TV shows such as Guinevere Jones or Neighbours and one day he became a regular on the Australian soap opera Home and Away until 2007.

To further expand his career, Chris moved to the US. In 2009, he portrayed George Kirk, James T. Kirk’s father, in the opening scenes of J. J. Abrams’ remake of Star Trek. The role was small but the opportunity was huge for the rising actor.



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