Fitness community supports fellow trainer who lost wife in crash


The fitness community in Mobile is coming together in support of the husband and father of the victims in last Friday’s deadly crash on Lloyds Lane.

Friends of Rosshiki Leatherwood say they feel his pain and sympathize with him. Leatherwood is the husband of Claudia Leatherwood, the woman who died in the car crash, and the father of their 2 children who were injured. According to a close family friend, the children, who were both in critical condition, are improving.

Now the Leatherwood’s “second family” is joining hands in support. They say when one hurts, they all hurt.

“I looked on Facebook and I saw on my friend’s post, ‘keep Rosshiki in your prayers.’ The moment I found out what happened my heart was broken,” said Joshua Mosner, who’s a close friend to Rosshiki Leatherwood.

Mosner says news of the accident sent shock waves through Mobile’s fitness community. They all decided that they had to do something to help.

“Kind of affected all of us I know, you know I know with the benefit that I’m putting on Saturday, I have anywhere from 8 to 12 of the personal trainers and Mobile coming out to help me out,” said Mosner.




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