How to Eat Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet


Ever since we were kids, we were taught that the best sources of protein are foods like steak, eggs, and fish. Just the mere thought of getting your protein from plants is laughable for many people. All it takes is a little research, though, to see that there are many, many sources of protein out there that come straight from the earth naturally, and I’m living proof that you can build muscle, shed fat, and get strong AF without ever touching animal products.

I live the vegan life for a lot of reasons, including ethical and environmental. Plus, I’ve experienced countless positive changes in my life since I went vegan, from less bloating to glowing skin to significantly reduced PMS symptoms.

PULL UPS 💪🏽 I've always wanted to be able to do strict pull ups, and they're a hard move to master, especially for women, since we have less upper body strength than the boys. This wide grip variation is an especially tough one because it takes the emphasis off of your biceps and forearms, and loads it onto your back. _________________________ Why do pull ups? They're a wildly effective compound movement that shapes a lot of your upper body — lats, biceps, back of the shoulders, and even abs — while helping you gain muscle and lose fat. I'm sure these kinds of tough compound movements were what really helped me lose weight over the last couple months. Here are a few tips if you're a beginner who wants to work on pull ups: 1️⃣Use the assisted pull up machine. As you can see, I'm still using the assisted pull up machine, and there's no shame in that. Each week or fortnight you can adjust the weight to get stronger and stronger, and eventually you'll be able to pull up your own body weight (I'm getting there!) 2️⃣Start with negative pull ups or chin ups. This allows you to build the strength in muscles you've probably never used before. If you want a tutorial on negatives, go visit @squats_and_samosas page! She provides a video that shows you exactly how to do it. 3️⃣Work on lat pull downs. You've likely seen cable machines at the gym where you can do seated lat pull downs. Those are a great place to start if you want to learn how to activate your back muscles and strengthen your lats. _______________________ Have fun with it! Happy Friday 😆 #weightlifting #weightlossjourney #strength #equinox #fitness #fitnesstips #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #weightloss #workout #workoutmotivation

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However, I was curious to see how my vegan lifestyle would align with the recent changes in my fitness routine. I started doing strength training more often, focusing mostly on booty gains. I was committed to gaining muscle definition and feeling as strong as possible. This kind of shift in my program meant I needed to increase the amount of protein and carbs in my diet. Protein is a building block for stronger muscles and it helps build and repair tissues, and carbs are necessary to help your muscles recover and your body to gain more energy for the next workout.




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