Instagram star Nessa Sphere: ‘Eat more to lose weight’


A 40-YEAR-OLD Instagram fitness guru has shared amazing before and after pics, saying that eating more each day was key to helping her transform her body.

You don’t need to go to the gym every day or go on a strict diet to lose weight. Here are some top weight loss tips from ‘The Diet Doctor’ Moodi Dennaoui and PT and former Survivor contestant Tegan Haining.

Nessa Sphere decided to focus on her health and lifestyle after working hectic hours in finance for four years, and gaining weight. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

HERE’S SOME good news for people with a healthy appetite.

A fitness influencer from Germany has shared before and after pics that show her impressive body transformation.

And the best thing? She actually increased her daily calorie intake to achieve the results.

How to eat and stick to your meal plan while traveling? My FOOD DIARY from today 🍒🥜🥗🌮😍 A little bit different than usual as I had to spend more than a half of my day in a car but still wanted to hit my nutrition. Definitely the best idea would be to take all of my food in lunch boxes but since I knew already ahead about my traveling plans, I decided to go for my weekly treat as my lunch and eat out in a restaurant. I also took my oatmeal in a box with me and two snacks 🤗 This is what I had in details: 1. 🍒 Breakfast 1 at home – one fried egg with some cheddar cheese, green olives, a few slices of bresaola ham, spinach, cucumber and tomato on side. 2. 🍒 Breakfast 2 on the go – oatmeal with banana, strawberries, almonds and a small piece of protein bar, all packed in a box. 3. 🍒 Snack 1 on the go – @womensbest vanilla protein shake. 4. 🍒 Lunch on the go – my weekend treat – sweet potato fries and fish tacos. 5. 🍒 Snack 2 on the go – @innocent Super Smoothie Berry & Protein and cashews. 6. 🍒 Dinner at home – whole wheat bread with cream cheese, spinach, hard boiled egg, avocado and cucumber. Total of 1’901 calories 🤗 I haven't done any workout today but I needed to walk for like almost 2 hours and at the end of the day my Polar watch showed my activity level at 140%. Not too bad 😅✅!! #womensbest #nutrition #lunchbox #fooddiary #mealprep #macros

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Transformation ‼️ *Long caption alert* 👉🏼 What happens when you post a progress picture? First of all you get lots of positive feedback and it definitely encourages you to work even harder ♥️ You gain confidence and new energy to be able to continue to stick to your plan and in general you feel so much better 😍👏🏼 But there is also the another side of it. All of the mean comments ☠️🔛 I don't like to mark my picture with time frame because there is always someone saying: "It took you xxx weeks to achieve it??? I could have done it in x weeks!!" 💪🏼🤓 First of all, yeah, sure, prove it!! Second, my progress pictures do not necessarily mean I want to show my results following a specific routine during a specific time frame. Sometimes you simple show your progress over the whole fitness journey. And you have your ups and downs, you have weeks without any progress, sometimes you fell off the wagon and your body doesn’t change. Or maybe you finally got your dream body and over next months you are simply maintaining it? 👍🏼✅ Then there is always someone commenting: "You have no butt now!!" Oh really? I haven't noticed losing it, I am pretty sure it's still there. Yes, you definitely see the big butt obsession all over Instagram but does it mean, everyone needs to strive and work only for it? I like MY NEW BUTT and I am happy about it, isn't it what really matters? And there is another one: "Your underwear changed for better!!". Haha 🙈😂 That one always makes me laugh 😆 OK, let me explain you, it's not the typical underwear on the left. Those are seamless and comfortable panties I used to wear under my leggings while working out back in time. But hell yes, when you gain some confidence, you are definitely not afraid to show a little bit more. But still not my whole butt in lace thongs. If this is what you are waiting for – wrong address… 🙅🏼 And last but not least: “I prefer before!!” 😜 Remember, it's a matter of taste but I don’t necessarily feel a need to read it. As they say: ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’ ✔️ Love and peace ✌🏼❤️ PS. If you still have any questions in regards to my transformation, feel free to ask in the comments below 👇🏼🤗

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"Muffin top is a given once you've hit the big 4-0" 🤦🏼‍♀️😆 I read it somewhere yesterday and it gave me a pretty good laugh… Why people think you can't look good anymore once you've reached a certain age? Yes, our metabolism slows down and we lose muscle mass when we are aging. We usually do not get enough sleep and our stress level is much higher than a few years ago. And also our muscles do not respond to the exercises as quickly as they used to be. But it doesn't mean we should give up! I would say it takes twice as much determination as when you were younger but you still can have the results ✔️ Eat healthy (make sure you feed your body with the right amount of food to keep your metabolism on), workout daily (no need to spend hours in a gym – quick lifting session is fine, you can also do BBG or yoga at home 🏋🏼‍♀️) and drink water (at least 2l per day). You may wait longer for the change to come but it will, if only you are consistent and dedicated. Be patient, give your best and work for it. Every damn day. Work for it. And you will achieve your goals! If I could do it, you can do it too 💪🏼♥️🤗 #transformationtuesday #transformation #lifting #heavyweights #girlswholift #beforeandafter #ageisjustanumber #nutrition #eatbetternotless #bbgprogress #screwthescale #bbgstronger #bbg

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Nessa Sphere, 40, from Germany weighed 62kg three years ago. Now she weighs 65kg but her body is impressively toned and she has lost five centimetres from her waist.




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