Livable Yacht: Living an Avant-Garde Life On Water


Arkup constructs this cutting-edge home on waters to adapt to the attractive trend of floating house as well as designing it as a livable yacht with a self-elevating system that can withstand hurricane winds.

The livable yacht offers a sense of style and a beautiful spot where you can move around freely and independently in the comfort and luxury of your coastal home.

How does it feel like to live an avant-garde life on water? Now you can with the new generation of floating homes made possible. Miami-based Arkup, founded in 2016, pioneers fully solar powered and sustainable livable yachts, has just unveiled a high-end movable floating [email protected]

This floating residence or a vacation home is designed with a purpose in mind – one that resembles a livable yacht with an extensive space that can be converted into smaller multi-purpose areas incorporating an event venue, a large dining hall, a few living rooms, a gym or a luxurious spa! And these floating homes offer more than just a living space, too.




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